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Dr Enrique Silberblatt Roanoke VA fraud plastic surgeon offered us a discount for paying cash for breast work on my girlfriend and after major complications including an infection contracted called MRSA from his place of work he lost all of our documentation mysteriously? He offered no help and used DIRTY tools on her!

She has horrible scars 3 years after the job was done and he still will not help or even see her. He also showed her pictures of naked *** without permission to another client which we know. This guy needs to be reviewed and PLEASE GOOGLE his name before doing business with him.

There are plenty of other plastic surgeons in NC and other areas you can get great work done at This guy is a complete rip off and fraudster. I would add photos of her *** on here but I dont think the site allows this!

I didn't like: Dr enrique silberblatt.

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Enrique Silberblatt is such a weirdo. Not that being a weirdo is a bad thing but he’s weird in a bad way. I would never deal with him.

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